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Talos has many years of experience in successfully demonstrating strategic intelligence and analytics across diverse sectors. Our variety of services allows us to support our clients, whatever their focus. We supply solutions with in-depth analysis to support your development. With access to the Talos database and dashboard, you will receive regular updates for proactive solutions.

With Talos by your side, you are in safe hands.

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Companies and Organizations

At Talos, we pride ourselves on supporting commercial organizations through information and incident analysis, onsite assessments, and orientation. Our current client scope includes major and essential infrastructure suppliers, IOCs, subcontractors, humanitarian and academic organizations, service providers and security companies.

We effectively support NGOs and Humanity services requiring constant real-time updates and ongoing analysis, as well as Global resource companies in need of corporate-level research, unparalleled access, and intelligence verification. Our unique services give a greater level of dedicated local and regional reporting and insight.

Talos possesses unique business intelligence competence. When an incident occurs, it can significantly affect your company or organization. We provide that information and potential for mitigation as soon as it is available, adding value with our academic backed civilian analysis.

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Government Agencies

Providing independent insight for government agencies is an example of Talos’ quality service. Through utilising accurate information supported by decades of expertise, our high-quality information systems and professional capacity give Talos the resources to deliver reliable analysis.

We provide featured reports tailored to specific locations, often identifying threats before they emerge while providing local context and granular details for thorough incident investigations. We also offer bespoke reports catered to individual client interests and immediate information reports detailing critical events and real-time updates on the Talos Dashboard as new and relevant information is collected. We can provide quick alerts related to potential threats through our use of email and push notification services.

With our unique set of skills, we are determined to supply quality data collection, analysis, and unparalleled support for all our clients. At Talos, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Private Individuals

Talos can assist private individuals in enhancing personal security, wherever you are based. We seek to protect those individuals who face unique challenges in a rapidly evolving world. We can support local security partners to ensure your safety, and our bespoke reports can give ongoing analysis specific to individual needs.

We deliver up-to-date incident reports to individuals through our dashboard and mobile web app notifications. We provide relevant information to ensure you are informed before traditional media and travel service notifications. We can offer threat and risk assessments for specific sites that you plan to visit before you arrive.

Our experience ranges from complex projects in high-risk environments to daily incident reporting. No matter what your situation, there is no job too big or too small for our team of experts to provide a solution.

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