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We offer a range of plans to suit your requirements. From a Basic notifications plan that gives you real-time information to a bespoke Enterprise plan that delivers the full support and analytical power customized to your precise requirements.

Enterprise Package Commercial/
Short-Term Package Basic Package One Week Organizational Trial
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Customize your service and how your information is delivered. Reduced price for NGO and academic.

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Standard Subscription.

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Standard Subscription.

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Weekly access to services with no additional paperwork. Provided for individuals only. This is a one-month maximum package.

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Incident notification service. Offered on an individual or organizational basis.

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Up to 5 individuals per organization. Trial of interactive dashboard upon request.

Incident email reports
Real time web notifications through our desktop and phone web app
Custom Geofencing for your personnel (currently being tested)
Interactive Dashboard access

Through the Talos Interactive Dashboard, Incident Information is delivered directly to the Dashboard, calendar and map once verified by Talos analysts for near-real-time incident and event notifications. The Dashboard is equipped with a Threat Risk Tool where visualizations assign a value to each incident based on assessed importance and potential impact. The validity rating depicts the reliability assessed for each incident recorded. Map drawing tools and downloadable maps and graphs are also incorporated in our Interactive Dashboard for your convince.

Talos Dashboard primary features:

  • Upcoming events, announcements, advisories and warnings
  • 17 Primary Filters for presenting data the way you want to see it
  • Over 70 filterable Categories and Subcategories for security incidents and events
  • Interactive mapping, heat maps, overlays, and key locations
  • Graphing of your custom filter choices and subcategory selections
  • One year of countrywide and regional Talos Data
  • Operational Calendar View
  • Customize downloadable maps with drawing and distance measurement tools
Morning Daily report and Evening Updates, as well as access to analytical reports as published throughout the day
Analytical/Featured reports in detail
Weekly Iraq reports
Quarterly Iraq reports
Regional Reports

Provides analysis of the most important strategic security developments, with a focus on regional dynamics impacting Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria and the Gulf from a regional perspective. Available as part of subscription or as a stand-alone product.

Bespoke Analytical reports, mapping/graphing/analysis services
Talos in-house support and service

Provide your company, clients, or subcontractors with subscription access to the Talos website, analysis and products through a subcontracting agreement. Talos provides bespoke analytical reports, mapping and graphing, as well as analysis services based on the scope of work.

Examples include:

  • Threat Triggers Reports
  • Organizational threat monitoring
  • Threat Assessments
  • Trend analysis
  • Subscription Access
  • Regularly produced documents or raw data are also available
  • Whitepaper Talos reports authorized for rebranding and further distribution
On-site Talos security assessments and/or analytical services

Short or long-term provision of an independent security expert to provide independent assessments, evaluations, reviews, and audits of security in place or areas of interest for future operations. On-site independent Talos analyst to provide a bespoke assessment of threat and risk, existing information systems or in-house analytical support. Talos security experts and analysts are backed by the Talos team, adding significant value for services provided.

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