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Talos is an independent Threat and Risk Analysis company registered in the United States and comprised of a global team of professional analysts and security experts. The Talos philosophy demands integrity and the highest quality service for our clients, while remaining cost effective by applying new analytical tools and correct methodology to complex security environments.

At Talos we believe that with knowledge and understanding threats can be proactively mitigated rather than reactively managed, saving upfront expenses while preventing costly reputational, financial and personnel losses. By providing client-focused high-quality service and integrating new technologies in combination with a scientific approach to security and analysis, Talos provides the most efficient tools to protect personnel and assets.

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Talos offers in-house quality service with an objective voice. We are independently and entirely funded through client services, remaining free from government or political and special interest groups that could impact the objectivity of Talos information.

We practice corporate social responsibility and believe that everyone has a right to information, safety and security. Humanitarian operations, NGOs, and academic groups receive substantially reduced subscription rates to ensure more funding goes where it is needed most.

In 2015 Talos launched analytical reporting services for Iraq even as most international organisations were forced to downscale security capabilities and abandon established intelligence networks. Unbiased quality information became increasingly scarce while new terror threats challenged security efforts throughout the region. Talos professionals successfully established, refined and expanded upon a countrywide collections network, providing information critical to operations with evolving financial, logistical and security challenges.

More recently Talos experts have developed a custom designed client dashboard and information delivery services. The Talos system merges the highest quality data with unparalleled analytical tools for digging deeper into emerging trends, accompanied by clear visualizations and quick information delivery for day-to-day operations.

By proving the success of the Talos method in Iraq, we remain uniquely placed to continue expanding services, adapting as new threats emerge and global operations are reshaped and become more efficient and modernized. Cost cutting can significantly impact security provision and efforts to protect operations and personnel. Talos serves as a substantial operational multiplier, providing vetted information, expertise and effective mitigation tools for loss prevention.

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The Talos Team

Talos professionals are experts in their field, with decades of experience, and remain dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services. All Talos members understand information collection methods and operating in high-risk environments. Talos members are chosen from amongst the most respected and experienced in their fields.

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Professional analysts

Business Risk, Strategic, Tactical, Political Risk, Military History

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Operational experts for high-risk environments

Military, law enforcement, commercial

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Security management

Operations level to corporate offices and HSE

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English, Arabic, Kurdish, Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian

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Local collection teams

Talos trained with backgrounds in journalism, security, communications and information management

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Custom technical development

Geospatial Engineering, Graphics, Analytical Tools, Data Integration, Information Delivery

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Collection processes, information systems and methodologies

Human Intelligence collection, Data Analysis, Intelligence Collection Methodology and Applications, Open and Closed Source Information Networks, Mapping and Geospatial

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