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Talos is a world-class Threat and Risk Analysis company, and we pride ourselves on providing clients with access to timely and privileged information. We believe in a client-centred approach based on honesty, integrity, and truth in reporting.

We deliver accurate information backed by professional expertise with the highest quality coverage of emerging security, political, and social developments.

Our services include:

Data collection

Extensive subscription services and bespoke reporting accompanied by actionable analysis

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Access to incident data sourced by local collections teams and extensive networks

Academic and research efforts icon

Client Dashboard depicting the Talos Threat & Risk Tool, mapping, filtering, graphing, and assessing information

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Real-time incident push notifications by email and web app

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Threat and risk assessments tailored to your organizational requirements

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On-site situational, security and operational assessments conducted by independent Talos Security professionals

Talos is not a security company. We are an independent, non-Government funded organization that is uniquely positioned to offer quality information, data, and analysis. Using a scientific and methodological approach to threat and risk analysis, our mission is to connect organizations with essential information that is unbiased, clear, and precise.


Talos provides data and unbiased accuracy, utilizing Talos-sourced information and the best possible practice.

Talos understands the science of threat and risk analysis, combining extensive in-country access with the latest methods, tools, and technology. Professional analysts with extensive experience working in the region are teamed with local native-language collectors and a network of open and uniquely positioned closed sources, providing unparalleled information vetted through established intelligence-gathering practices.

Talos provides accurate and unbiased information to assist and inform client operations in hostile areas, and since 2015 is the only company in Iraq providing specialized and impartial analysis services.



The way we collect and analyze information is only one unique aspect of Talos.

Our services are tailored to satisfy a wide range of client requirements, whether they are standard or bespoke.

An online dashboard and visualization tools enable clients to quickly find incident data, maps, graphics, and statistics using our historical database and extensive filtering options. Instantly visualize threat and risk, see trends, and other vital information specifically relevant to your organization.

Using real-time push notifications through our mobile and desktop web app, Talos can quickly inform clients of significant incidents and critical high-risk threats while events are taking shape. 

A host of vetted information reports are produced as part of Talos subscription services, providing clients with analysis of key developments relevant to operations while eliminating unimportant distractions.

Standard Subscription Service Includes:

Real-time incident notifications
• Featured Reports
• Morning and Evening Updates
• Weekly Reports
• Quarterly Reports
• Trend Analysis Reports
• Regional reports (Available as part of a subscription or stand-alone service)
• Iraq Political Reports
(Available as part of a subscription or stand-alone service)


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