Terms of Use

By accessing Talos information products, dashboard and services, all users agree to indemnify and hold harmless Talos and its personnel from any liability or legal proceedings arising from decisions made or actions taken as a result of Talos information and analysis.

By accessing Talos services and products, users agree not to share or otherwise distribute or disclose Talos information, products, intellectual property or login access to other personnel without prior written authorization from Talos. For subscriptions by organization, users agree to maintain confidentiality of individual logins and passwords for single user access, and if authorized, to distribute and use Talos information for strictly internal purposes.

No forwarding, white papering, sharing or otherwise infringing on Talos information, products or intellectual property is permitted without prior authorization in writing from Talos on a case by case basis. All Talos reports, services and information remains the intellectual property of Talos LLC and cannot be rebranded.

Violation of confidentiality and/or sharing of Talos information or access beyond individual user permissions and organizational agreements may result in immediate removal from access to Talos services and forfeiture of any and all payments made under a service agreement. Talos reserves the right to remove any individual from access to Talos services for violation of terms of service. Should a user or organization wish to discontinue Talos service, all payments paid to date will not be refunded, and payment agreed for services already rendered but not yet paid will be legally binding and invoiced accordingly.